promoting contemporary architecture for an interdisciplinary world

SUPERFRONT, a Brooklyn-based not-for-profit organization for architectural experimentation and creative interdisciplinary exchange, is sponsoring the work of Manuel Avila as 2011 Architect-in-Residence. An independent jury of New York architects and artists selected Manuel Avila's proposal CROWN HEIGHTS PARTICIPATORY URBANISM for SUPERFRONT's 2011 Architect-in-Residence program in Brooklyn.

SUPERFRONT's Architect-in-Residence program supports emerging artists and architects from underrepresented social demographics, especially LGBT women, and/or Black, Latino, and/or Pacific Islander architects of any gender, in their development as artists or architects working with urban space. Candidates based in Brooklyn are also given preference. The Residency selects candidates from a juried selection process, based upon their written statement and portfolio of works. The program emphasizes experimental and interdisciplinary work within the context of contemporary architecture.

SUPERFRONT is a not-for-profit organization for architectural experimentation and creative
interdisciplinary exchange. Since January 2008, SUPERFRONT has invited students, emerging
architects, designers, visual artists, and performance artists to engage in a public forum that raises awareness of contemporary architectural practice and theory. A Brooklyn-based organization,SUPERFRONT fosters creative interdisciplinary exchange amongst emerging architects, artists, and the public through exhibits, publications, panels, and temporary built projects.

Architects-in-Residence Jury

Francisca Benitez (artist)
Yolanda Daniels, (Studio SUMO)
Cristina Goberna (Fake Industries, Architectural Agonism)
Arian Laurie Harrison (Harrison Atelier)
Ersela Kripa (AGENCY)
Dennis Murphy (Hotel 515)
Giovanni Piovene (Salottobuono)
Shinique Smith (artist, Yvon Lambert Paris/NY)
Ada Tolla (LOT-EK)
David Turnbull (ATOPIA)
Galia Solomonoff (Solomonoff Architecture Studio)
Mabel Wilson (Columbia GSAPP)
Mimi Zeiger (loud paper)

Thank you for your support.
Mitch McEwen, Director + Founder, SUPERFRONT